2018 Fujilove Archive: Making Monochrome

When I started writing last month’s article, it was going to be about the process of shooting black and white. Then the backstory ran away and discovered a life of its own. I’d mentioned in passing that I shoot in the black and white film simulation so there’s no color in the electronic viewfinder. This month, I’m going to expand on that – how I set my camera up for this purpose.More

Update: No more stray emails

The other day’s problem of New Post notifications for old posts? Deftly solved by the WordPress Support team. So here’s a photo of a boy with a happy emoji mask from earlier this year. No one should have received 600 emails telling you about “new” posts. If you did though, please let me know in…More


On a talk I gave a talk for Norwegian photo retailer Foto.no, about heading about travelling around the world with my cameraMore