After 6 months of not shooting at all, what I’m mostly doing now, is taking pictures of light on surfaces. If that surface is a human, it makes for a better frame, but it doesn’t have to be. The creep of sunlight over texture is an everyday joy. I’ve spent half my life constantly moving…More

A moment

Listen Read You get that small window between growing twilight and the electric dawn: When the sun kisses concrete peaks and valleys, and shadows wait, shifting in their corners, to pounce. When the light is golden and thick like the air on your tongue and trails of sweat down your back. That is when. You…More

Bus stop

Singapore Uncle and aunty waiting for the bus. Years ago, pre-Covid-19, from a bus near home. I don’t remember where I was going. Coulda been down the road to the round market for Sarawak kolo mee, or a longer trip into town. This shot though? A stop away from where I’d boarded the bus. I…More


Singapore 牛车水 / Kereta Ayer. Where water used to be delivered via bullock cart, hence the Chinese and Malay names for what is now known as Chinatown. It was formally designated a Chinese enclave by the colonial powers in the early 1800s, as there were already Chinese immigrants settled in the area, way before the…More

2017, Chinatown, Singapore

I was playing around with shutter speeds in the middle of Chinatown, that year. I didn’t see this lady smile and do the “twist!” thing until I loaded it up in the frame. “Twist!” is what I will forever know this gesture as. It was a time-out when you were playing catching (aka cops n…More