Update: No more stray emails

The other day’s problem of New Post notifications for old posts? Deftly solved by the WordPress Support team. So here’s a photo of a boy with a happy emoji mask from earlier this year. No one should have received 600 emails telling you about “new” posts. If you did though, please let me know in…More


On a talk I gave a talk for Norwegian photo retailer Foto.no, about heading about travelling around the world with my cameraMore

Floral Melancholy

Some days ago I shared a gallery of flower photos on Instagram. They’re so far removed from the photos I usually make, that a fair few friends were intrigued. How did I do it? why did I do it? So last night I shared a multi-panel Instagram Story of how I came to make moody…More

street photographers save me

Street photographers come from all walks of life. I’ve never met as varied a bunch as I did in Singapore last year. It started when I met Den and Vic while out shooting one day, back in September 2020. I mentioned in the last post, that this was when I picked up a camera again…More

street photography saves me

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been on a street photography bender for months now. I mentioned last July that I’d started shooting after 4 months of no photography. That wasn’t true. I didn’t start again until September, which makes it 6 months—half a year—not using my camera. When I did finally…More

A Memory of Mexico City

Holy week, Mexico City 2013. The water supply for most of the city had been cut off for several days so maintenance could be carried out on the pipes. My buddy Carlos and I loitered on this street, waiting for Micro (who was, naturally, a big guy) to arrive. The three of us were going…More


“American? From Cuba? Bolivia? Colombia?” I was talking to someone from Venezuela yesterday. In the course of conversation, I mentioned that I work for an American NGO. He asked me that question. Because I’d forgotten. In the months I spent in Mexico, years ago, Mexican friends repeatedly reminded me that everyone from North and South…More

The night before Christmas (at Sea)

I spent Christmas at sea with my mother… inasmuch as being in the Straits of Malacca is “out at sea”, bounded by Peninsula Malaysia and Sumatra as we were, the entire time. I haven’t been on the water for years, and these 2 days brought back old lives: shooting the Svitzer tug crews in Perth,…More