Small wins in blue jeans

I’ve been distracted by a cracked tooth, so this update is a little late. Life seems to be a dumb circus right now. I wore jeans for the first time in more than three months the other day. And I’m ridiculously thrilled about it. Know why? I’ve missed my jeans. I live in jeans. I…More

Big Win

My last post was titled “small wins,” but each item on that list, unremarkable as it was, was much larger than that. Because each brought me one step closer to my normal mobility, and getting my life back again. That’s always going to be a big win. Here’s another big win: Over the weekend, I…More

Small Wins

As in many facets of life, small wins are critical in recovery too. Here is a litany of firsts I accomplished in the last three weeks, in my ongoing recovery from knee surgery: ▶ Standing with weight evenly distributed on both legs, without a crutch or having to brace myself on something. ▶ Lifting my…More

Small Steps Forward

Walking is a step by step process. Swing leg forward, straighten, tighten quad muscles, connect to the ground with heel. Keep the quads tensed, shift weight fully onto leg and through the foot, and bring the whole leg back like that as you shift forwards. The crutch is there just in case; don’t lean on…More

Iraq on my Mind

It was fun writing the recent set of vignettes, reliving the warm gold of Kurdish summer in 2019. But it begs the question: it’s 2021, why am I stuck in 2019?More