Revisiting Per-Anders Jörgensen’s photographs through Christian Puglisi’s Relæ: A Book of Ideas.More


Visitors that come to Singapore for a holiday inevitably bang on about how put-together this country is. And it’s true, for the most part. We’re generally an orderly, compliant nation, and that applies to our infrastructure: stuff works here. Schedules are adhered to. Rules followed. Things are in good repair. But if you pay attention,…More


It took an Instagram outage disabling my feed, to get me back to this space again. I don’t post on Instagram all that much. A bunch of pictures once a month, if that. The odd event call out. I use it mostly as a messaging service, with some direct messages going back years. But it’s…More

This would be the time to unsubscribe

Some months ago I started blogging about an injury and subsequent recovery from surgery. I’ve taken those posts down, deciding against documenting my recovery here. Mostly because I want to write about it without taking pictures, and this is — aspirationally — a photo blog. I don’t really have a lot to say about photographing.…More

Iraq on my Mind

It was fun writing the recent set of vignettes, reliving the warm gold of Kurdish summer in 2019. But it begs the question: it’s 2021, why am I stuck in 2019?More

Heavenly Sunset

☀️ Somewhere outside Sulaymaniyah city. Kurdistan, Iraq, 2019. This spot was one of those heaven-on-earth encounters. At sunset, the farmers would herd cows and geese across the lower slope of the mountains, towards the village. From the top of the ridge, where @ihsanibraheem and I were waiting with cameras at the ready, you could hear the odd…More

Chai Seller

☀️ Sulaymaniyah city. Kurdistan, Iraq, 2019. At the top of the mountain, after Ihsan and I were done chasing frames of paragliders in the sunset, it was time to have tea. Of course, there was a tea merchant on the mountain top (along with vendors selling food), with his samovar and glasses and sugar vats gleaming in…More