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June 2013, Washington D.C. I rarely stop strangers to ask for a portrait. But back in 2013, I spent some illuminating weeks with photographers in the area – the guys at Strata Collective, Diriki Rice and John Nelson – learning about their practice, and was encouraged to step out of my shell. That time in DC remains one of the highlights of the …


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When I snapped this photo back in 2013 in Frederiksborg Slot, it was because I couldn’t resist the analogy of knights and shining armor begging to be made (and the light falling on both was beautiful). But our lives aren’t half as burdened as those who live in distress, and/or fight in enough metal to construct a car with. The thing that was probably going …

Bridge to Sweden

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Borderless crossings between the countries belonging to Schengen, remain a novelty to me. It is a source of fascination that I can catch a train between Denmark and Sweden, or make a short gander into France, from Germany, to have lunch (as happened a couple of weeks ago), without having my passport checked or going through customs. Long may we build bridges across borders. In the picture: The …

Song and Sustenance: A new direction for the X-Pro 1

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Remember how I said I owned 3 cameras in the last post? Well, I don’t anymore. My battered old X-Pro 1 is getting a new lease on life, after having scoured the streets of many a city, and survived collisions with floors, roads, walls and a multitude of other surfaces. It is moving on to gentler hands, and new purpose: A musical food blog. My friend Laia, …

Interior, Maroc

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In Morocco, I saw insides. Flemming and I spent two weeks in Tangier and Fes in 2013. I had three good days of walking around before getting a bad stomach. To help things along, I then sprained an ankle upon arriving in Fes. Exploring its labyrinthine medina suddenly didn’t seem like a great idea. But I got a lot of reading done, and drank a lot …

The Fog

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Fog is not something I’ve often seen in Perth. It was a different season when this photo was taken, from the scorching summer that is present reality. Part of the Suburbia project.

Georg(e) the Danish Bicycle

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July 2014 This year’s Copenhagen photo project didn’t involve any headless aliens. It was instead, all about a red bicycle. Georg(e) is his name, and he was waiting for me when I arrived in Copenhagen on the 1st of July. George is the color of Dannebrog, the Danish flag, and he has carried all the men in Flemming‘s family at one point or another throughout his 20-odd years.